The reason for the wide application of lcd face recognition thermometer


With the continuous progress of science and technology, people's life and work style are gradually changing. No matter where they go, there are intelligent electronic products in order to better bring convenience and comfort to life. Of course, for the protection of people's personal, property and production safety technology is also in constant development, such as the visitor management system, from the beginning of manual entry to swipe card to the present face recognition system, the user experience is getting better and better, and the security is higher.

Widely used

The face recognition system is a more convenient and safe technology product. It has the characteristics of non-contact, which provides a better experience for people, helps to reduce the spread of diseases caused by people's contact, and is also very convenient to install. Like the more traditional visitor access control system, the installation is very convenient and fast. Only one face recognition equipment and supporting management system are needed, Information can be saved and uploaded automatically, and the records can be traced back. At present, in some economically developed cities, enterprises, schools, public places and institutions have begun to use a lot.

Safety and convenience

The traditional access control system, such as card swipe or fingerprint recognition, the card swiping security is very low, and only recognizes the card but does not recognize the person, who enters can not be accurately confirmed, the card also has the risk of easy loss; and fingerprint recognition is also easy to be copied, The copy price is not expensive. The face recognition system is different from the traditional security access control system. The face recognition system can check the person information one by one, only the qualified personnel can enter and exit, and the face information is more difficult to forge, and the cost of forgery is more expensive, so it can bring higher Security, and face recognition is different from traditional recognition methods, it is contactless recognition, giving users a better experience.

Economic advantage

The use of the face recognition visitor system can more effectively ensure the safety of people’s property. Although the installation cost may be more expensive, it can bring a stronger deterrent effect to the criminals, reduce the probability of illegality, and effectively reduce the property of people. Losses ensure the safety of people and property, so they can bring better economic advantages. The face recognition visitor system can also solve the inconvenience caused by the wear and tear of the previous access control system card swiping and fuzzy non-recognition.

Make up for deficiencies, high uniqueness

Although fingerprint recognition and card recognition are highly unique, it is inconvenient for fingerprint damage and demagnetization and loss of the chip due to different physical conditions. The probability of occurrence of these situations is relatively large in daily life, but the face recognition visitor system can make up for the deficiencies of these daily variables. Although we cannot completely change the variable to zero probability, but It is indeed convenient and convenient at present.

At present, face recognition has been well applied in many industries. Not only are companies, enterprises, communities, construction sites used in large numbers, but also because of the continuous development of actual costs and technology, face recognition systems have also begun to be used in family life. And the price is very suitable for selection.