Face recognition temperature measurement into the school "first pass"


Recently, the urban campus epidemic prevention and control plan was successfully put into use on the campus of Anhui Xinhua College to protect the safety of teachers and students. The richness of actual combat data and the forward-looking nature of forward-looking research have laid the foundation for the rapid implementation of multiple epidemic prevention solutions.
As the response level of the epidemic continues to decrease, resumption of school and resumption of classes are being carried out nationwide. In order to better protect the health and safety of teachers and students returning to school, schools have purchased face recognition temperature measurement equipment, which are installed in front of schools, teaching buildings, and dormitory buildings.

In outdoor scenes, face recognition temperature measurement equipment must be tested by many environmental factors: sun exposure, backlight environment, inconsistent facial occlusion standards, weather changes, etc. A face recognition temperature measurement device that is not affected by light and has high robustness has become "just needed".

Has rich experience in landing, has accumulated more than 30 billion person-time 3D portrait data of actual combat scenes, compared face-to-face identification with more than 30 million people from the actual needs of epidemic prevention and control, and has no sense of comparison for large-volume personnel based on trajectory The big data relationship analysis of the crowd contact, and the face recognition that severely obstructs the face have carried out technical research, and took the lead in forming an urban campus epidemic prevention and control plan based on personnel management. After landing in Beijing, Zhejiang, Xinjiang and other campuses, Anhui Xinhua College has been put into use, effectively improving its safety management and control capabilities.

In order to carry out the prevention and control of the new coronary pneumonia epidemic in a scientific and standardized manner, to ensure the orderly implementation of all the work on the day of returning to school and after the start of school, and to ensure the safety of the lives of teachers and students and the stability of the campus. According to the request, Anhui Xinhua College carried out the first comprehensive exercise for returning students to school in the spring of 2020 on the afternoon of April 27.

In the rehearsal scenario of students returning to school, the school entrance channel, identity verification point, temperature measurement point, baggage elimination point, and emergency disposal point were set up. The returnees held a health commitment letter, kept a safe distance, and scanned the health code for identity verification. Under the guidance of the staff, body temperature detection, baggage killing, and fixed-point reporting were carried out, and the emergencies of fever students were simulated and practiced.

The cooperative three-dimensional face self-service terminal is used in the temperature verification and other aspects of the school's identity verification to assist the staff to complete the work efficiently.

Now, the cooperative three-dimensional face self-service terminal has been widely used in the campus of Anhui Xinhua College to assist in identification and temperature measurement.

The device supports face recognition under severe occlusion, and even when wearing a mask, the accuracy of personal identification can be as high as 97%. At the same time, it integrates a high-precision temperature measurement module, which can perform rapid temperature measurement while performing face recognition, and the recognition temperature measurement results will also be uploaded to the campus system in real time.

In the future, related equipment and products will be more widely used in various colleges and universities to serve the resumption of work and return to school.

From a longer-term perspective, using face-sweeping as the entrance for personnel identity verification, breaking through the data barriers in multiple scenes on campus, consolidating the digital construction of information, and building a "campus-one-face communication" information system that is "dual-war" , And reliable face recognition products will become the most critical link.

With the continuous development of technology, the market's "pursuit" for products has also been gradually put on the assessment standard. Under the premise of high product accuracy and high robustness, the market needs to understand applications, business processes, deployment and installation, and experience better face recognition and temperature measurement products. Only innovative products that can truly bring about experience upgrades can drive the entire market, upgrade application scenarios, and meet normal construction and use.