The epidemic worsens, and the face recognition thermometer comes


At present, the global epidemic situation is aggravating, so people should wear masks when going out because of the need for epidemic prevention and control, and need to measure body temperature at the entrance. How to achieve body temperature measurement without taking off the mask or touching the person? This is a big challenge for face recognition technology.

In response to this, "out of consideration for security and recognition efficiency, Wanwei Recognition has developed a face recognition system that can be used for authentication and registration by swiping ID card authentication + body temperature recognition while wearing a mask. Can be set to match and record face and identity information.

The face recognition thermometer uses the human body temperature camera to scan the users of the pedestrian gate. When the body temperature is higher than the threshold, the system sends an alarm message and displays the photos of the abnormal user and the body temperature of the user on the platform. Unit staff can quickly screen people with abnormal body temperature by brushing the face thermometer to make a second confirmation and improve efficiency.

At the same time, when a person who does not wear a mask is identified, a warning is generated, and a corresponding speaker is provided to remind precautions. For those with abnormal body temperature, an electronic thermometer is used for daily temperature measurement during the isolation period, and the data is uploaded to the platform's personal account. The system performs statistical monitoring and analysis on the body temperature data.

Face Recognition Thermometer

Features of face recognition thermometer:

1. Non-contact measurement to reduce the risk of cross infection;

2. The operation is simple, the screening is fast, and the second level is passable;

3. Intelligent early warning of abnormal temperature, small measurement error;

4. 24-hour real-time online detection;

5. Tips for not wearing a mask;

6. Access to the back-end platform to achieve unified management;

7. Infrared live detection, can identify whether it is photos and videos.

Face recognition thermometers can be widely used, such as residential areas, office buildings, industrial areas, subways, bus stations and other occasions that require personnel access management and temperature measurement. The installation methods include wall-mounted face recognition machines or channel gates to achieve personnel Identification of entry and exit, statistical analysis of personnel data, management of temperature detection records, etc., can be set according to the number of users to enter the device, channel management, effectively reduce the detection workload, while reducing the risk of cross infection.