What are the obvious advantages of the face recognition temperature and temperature all-in-one machine?


Due to the impact of the epidemic in 2020, the non-contact economy has developed rapidly. In education, shopping, medical treatment and other inventions, the non-contact economy has changed this life habit and consumption concept, and AI smart face recognition terminals and other products have played an important role. .

If you observe, you will find face recognition system equipment in many places such as airports, subways, buildings, communities, and offices. Like Wanwei Face Recognition Access Control, Face Recognition Time Attendance Machine, Face Recognition Gate Machine, Human ID Card Machine, etc., it is widely used in production and life, adding temperature measurement modules, while solving the safety management and health management needs during epidemic situations. A lot of manpower and financial resources were spent.

At present, normal production and life have basically been restored in various places, and the flow of people has gradually increased. Therefore, enterprises entering various communities need to measure body temperature. Wanwei face recognition temperature and temperature integrated machine uses infrared temperature measurement equipment and human face Compared with the traditional epidemic prevention temperature measurement methods such as handheld thermometers, the identification system still has great advantages and convenience.

What are the obvious advantages of face recognition temperature measurement system?

1. The body temperature is more accurate through infrared thermal imaging, non-contact detection is realized, and the problems of inaccuracy and low accuracy of the handheld thermometer are avoided;

Second, it supports mobile deployment, strong mobility, light and portable, beautiful and exquisite, and at the same time shows the sense of science and technology of "tall".

3. Support the identification and detection of wearing a mask, automatic identification and voice reminder for the mask not worn;

Fourth, the application scenarios are very wide, such as stations, high-speed entrances, shopping malls, parks, company units and other places, or communities, streets, scenic spots, schools, public services, communities, etc., and flexible monitoring points can be arranged;

Fifth, rapid witness verification and unlicensed registration processing are required when the witness verification is required, the binocular live anti-counterfeiting function, anti-photograph, video and other deceptions, standard 50,000-level face database, face recognition accuracy rate >99.97%, Recognition speed <200ms;

Intelligent temperature measurement all-in-one machine, non-contact temperature measurement in seconds, reduce personnel contact to avoid cross-infection; massive data storage in the cloud, easy to track and manage; indoor and outdoor use of multiple scenes, especially now that primary and secondary school students are gradually opening school, prevention and control of epidemic in school is even more important The most important thing is that the contactless management method of face recognition is more suitable. Realize rapid temperature measurement, face recognition attendance, attendance management, face recognition door opening, door monitoring, etc., assist in member management, health screening, etc.

During the development of any new technology, there will be more or less problems and doubts about efficiency, safety, and reliability, but this does not hinder the development and application of new technologies. Different enterprise positioning, product design, cost, safety, reliability, user experience, etc. will be different. Based on cost considerations, companies pursuing low prices often do not add too much security protection, anti-counterfeiting attacks, experience and reliability, so a large number of unsafe events will occur. In fact, face recognition is superior to fingerprint, password, voice and other biometric technologies in terms of security, convenience, and reliability.