Face recognition thermometer, students use "hard core technology" for temperature measurement


With the recent resumption of schooling in various places, the phenomenon of long queues for measuring body temperature in various places has appeared. How can we not only complete the temperature investigation, but also avoid the risk of virus transmission caused by queuing temperature measurement?

Recently, at the entrance of the dormitory of the College of Artificial Intelligence of Tianjin University of Science and Technology, a face recognition device about 7 inches on a tripod has become an "epidemic prevention weapon." This is a face recognition temperature measurement machine. As long as the students are facing the device, they can’t The temperature can be displayed in one second, and if the temperature exceeds the standard, it will prompt immediately.

"We need to take body temperature one by one and register one by one, which is too time-consuming and easy to gather." Two months ago, a casual chat with students made Tianjin University of Science and Technology professor Yang Jucheng suddenly realize that this is a common problem. . In the epidemic prevention environment, Yang Jucheng actively contacted with the alumni company Shenzhen Anruo Technology Co., Ltd., using artificial intelligence, big data and other new technology face recognition temperature measuring machine, using infrared and thermal imaging technology to measure the temperature for students.

"Common hand-held temperature measuring guns, the detection personnel cannot automatically identify the person being detected, and they need to be in close contact with the person being detected, which cannot guarantee a safe physical distance; in the use scenario with large flow of people, it is inevitable to miss detection and delay detection efficiency At the same time, the temperature measurement level is faced with a large number of human needs that require multiple inspection personnel to take turns on duty." Professor Yang Jucheng told reporters that the intelligent temperature measurement machine can automatically recognize the identity of the detected person through face recognition technology, and at the same time non-contact The rapid temperature measurement method for large-scale moving people not only avoids cross infection, but also greatly improves the efficiency of temperature measurement.

"Face recognition temperature measurement machine is more intelligent than the previous handheld temperature gun. The voice broadcast function after temperature measurement allows us to know our body temperature for the first time without asking the staff." It took only 2 seconds Li Shijie, a doctoral student at the School of Food Science and Technology of Tianjin University of Science and Technology, entered the laboratory.

"Compared with other inspection equipment, this machine has the advantages of accurate identification, fast temperature measurement, and good environmental adaptability. The alarm function of the instrument also improves everyone's awareness of prevention. More critically, it avoids Close contact, at the same time saves manpower and material resources, and is truly safe, fast, intelligent, and convenient." Wang Hongxin, a counselor who is on duty in the student apartment, said.

According to Ren Wei, the principal of the Ansoft Technology Smart Campus project, the next step of face recognition temperature measurement machine will be used at the entrance of various crowded places, such as canteens, libraries, step classrooms, apartments, etc. Cooperate with corresponding software for different scenarios, such as: classrooms can be connected to the registration of the educational administration system, and the apartment can make statistics on the docking management system.

Yang Jucheng's team will also use its own technical reserves in image recognition, visual perception, human-computer interaction, etc. to develop more intelligent biometric temperature measurement machine products.