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Non body touch to scan face recognizing temperature measurement
Non body touch to scan face recognizing temperature measurement
Non body touch to scan face recognizing temperature measurement
Non body touch to scan face recognizing temperature measurement
Non body touch to scan face recognizing temperature measurement
Non body touch to scan face recognizing temperature measurement

Non body touch to scan face recognizing temperature measurement

Model NO.:
Supply Ability:
1000 / Day
Country of Origin:
Shenzhen City,Guangdong Province
Stock Time:
7 Days

Face Recognizing Temperature Measurement 

  • Color:Black
  • Application:Public Place
  • Function:Image Temperature Testing
  • Display:LCD Digital Display
  • Measuring distance:50-200cm
  • Certificate:CE ROHS
  • Special Features:Time & Attendance
  • Data Storage Options:Cloud
  • Model Number:HBY1071-T
  • Brand Name:HBONY
  • Place of Origin:CN;GUA
Product Description




2 million pixels

Camera Type

binocular wide dynamic camera



Focusing distance


White Balance


Photo flood light

LED and infrared double flood light


Screen size

7.0"IPS LCD Screen


900 × 1200


optional support


Network module

Supports Ethernet, wireless (WiFi)


support 2.5W/4R


1 USB OTG, 1 USB host standard A port

Serial communication

1 RS232 serial port

Relay output

1 door opening signal output

Wigan interface

1 Wigan 26 / 34 output,1 Wigan 26 / 34 input

Wired Network

1 RJ45 Ethernet socket

Upgrade button

supports the uboot upgrade


Card reader

optional IC card reader/ID card

Face recognition

support detection and tracking of multiple people at the same time

Face LibraryUP to 50,000
1:N face recognitionSupport
1:1 face comparisonSupport

Stranger detection


Identify distance configuration


UI interface configuration


Upgrade remotely



Interfaces include device management, personnel
/ photo management, record query, etc.
Support public cloud deployment, privatized
deployment, LAN use, stand-alone use
Infrared thermal
imaging module

Body temperature detection


Temperature detection distance

2m (the best distance is 0.5m)

Temperature measurement accuracy

≤± 0.3 oC

Temperature measurement range

10oC ~ 42 oC

Visitors model

support for normal temperature of visitors

Temperature alarm


Product advantages
High-precision temperature measurement without fear of temperature difference
HBY1071-T adopts infrared focal plane area array thermal imaging scheme, with 10800 pixels, which is much higher than the 256/1024 total pixels of thermopile, so as to achieve high precision temperature. Compared with the accuracy of thermopile infrared temperature measurement of ± 0.5 ℃, HBY1071-T can achieve an accuracy of <± 0.3 ℃. In addition, HBY1071-T is not afraid of temperature difference, even in different environments with large temperature difference, it can still maintain the accuracy level of <± 0.3 ℃.


Thermal Scanner Functions:Time&Attendance,Check In,Mask-wearing Detection,Body Temperature Detection


HBY1071-T truly realizes high-efficiency automatic and non- inductive recognition, sign-in or passage in crowded places, and can be widely used in office, community, school, factory, subway, exhibition and other related scenes.

Care and Maintenance:
1. During the installation and use of the product, all electrical safety regulations must be strictly observed.
2. Please use the power adapter provided by the regular manufacturer.For specific requirements of the power adapter, see the product parameter table.
3. When installing on the gate, please make sure that the product is installed firmly.
4. If the product does not work properly, please contact the after-sales service personnel. Do not disassemble or modify the product in any way. (The company does not assume any responsibility for problems caused by unauthorized modification or repair.
5. Do not immerse the product in water. When the product is installed outdoors, try to use it with the rain cover provided by our company.
6. Please understand that you are responsible for properly configuring all passwords and other related product security settings, and keeping your user name and password properly.
7. If the equipment does not work properly, please do not disassemble it for repair, otherwise it will affect the equipment warranty.
8. Avoid extreme or extreme environments such as extreme high temperature (or low temperature), high humidity, vibration, radiation, and chemical corrosion during installation and use.

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